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tiker ("About me... well.. I'm a boring guy. I live in Ontario, Canada, married with two step...")
ThEfT ("Hi, my name is Manuel. I\'m born in 1980 and originally from Germany (near Heidelburg /...")
The worm that turned
Tomas ("I am living in a little town near Heidelberg/Germany, I was born in 1959, and one of my...")
ThePhantom86 ("I'm from a little town outside of Waco, TX called McGregor but I moved to Indiana in April...")
TONYHongKong ("TONYHongKong")
Tigher ("I am currently trying my best to influence the people of the UK and the UK government to...")
The Matas ("Hi, I\'m from the Gold Coast, Austalia. Started way back in \'98 with seti@home. Its been...")
Team:StephanWerthmann ("Hallo ich bin Stephan.Da wir unseren Lanserver nur zu 2 Prozent im Monat brauchen ,denke...")

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