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Michael H.W. Weber ("[url=]I am a german chemist[/url]...")
MasterZocker ("Hi to all crunchers out there! I am 37 years old and living in Munich - Bavaria - Germany....")
MadMan ("My name is Damian. I am participating in many BOINC projects")
MarcoS OchoA DieZ (( _^MvIiIaX^_ )) ("Bueno... Mi nombre es Marcos y mis nicks suelen ser ^MvIiIaX^ o _^m8ax^_ que hacen...")
MikeX ("A proud member of the BOINC Synergy team, I started crunching in April 2005, and I now...")
Misfit ("[b]"[url=]No good deed goes...")
Mike029.SETI.USA [BlackOps] ("Hobbies include Gaming, crunching and playing with my children. Be sure to visit...")
Morgan the Gold ("I, Morgan the Gold, took this picture of an Alberta Rose Figuring You\'d rather look at My...")
mscharmack ("Retired USAF and computer geek. Married for over thirty years to the same special woman...")
Motoko Kusanagi

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