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Contact (""I am proud to be a human being. I believe that we have come this far by the skin of our...")
Cori ("Hi there, greetings from a "Cool Prime Cat"... *LOL* I'm member of the BOINC ATA's....")
Captain Avatar ("If you would Like an avatar send your information, Ideas, files or images send to:...")
Claus J ("I\'m a computer specialist")
cncr04s ("I run a currently successful bitcoin business. Going to college, funded with...")
Crystallize ("Hi, it's me ! [img][/img]")
Clooney ("Moin Moin I´m 24 jears old and come from the North of Germany - from the "[i]Free...")
COOLÖSSI ("Geboren in Lutherstadt Wittenberg (Germany) -- Aufgewachsen in der schönen...")
Codeman01101001 ("Hi, my name is Alexander. I am a game programmer and work on \"Grotesque\". More...")
Carlos_Pfitzner ("Foto of a Lehmer Factoring Computer, used around 1932 to search for Prime Numbers The...")

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