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11) Message boards : Number crunching : The Year of the Tiger Challenge (Message 21029)
Posted 4238 days ago by Profile Mike*
I calculated, by a specific workunit taking x amount of time, 8 i7 cores still beat 6 i7 cores, on WUs per hour, even though they take less time..

Another interesting thought..
In the simap races, there are several i7-920 that still beat this 965.
looking at the boink benchmarks, the floating point is higher than mine, though my integers is higher..
Then you look at the E5k series..
slower per core, but with 16 (range 12 to 32) cores... wow...
12) Message boards : Number crunching : The Year of the Tiger Challenge (Message 21013)
Posted 4238 days ago by Profile Mike*
My i7-965 no oc, is running them in about 13 minutes with 8 cores.. (HT on)
For yahoos, I temporarily dropped boinc manager to run only 6. It ran several in 10.5 minutes..

Yes, less time, but still not enough to cover the loss of the extra 2 virtual cores.
Also, not willing to experimanet much more atm..

I can see running with 7 if running GPU, as GPU based tasks will not need to wait for CPu bandwidth as much..

For me, HT stays on, as well as 100% cpu.
13) Message boards : General discussion : Team recruitment thread (Message 20053)
Posted 4292 days ago by Profile Mike*

If you are a first time cruncher,
If you are a large multi system crunching farm,
Or anyone in between.
If you are looking for a friendly team to join,
We welcome you.

The universe contains all of us. Why shouldn`t We look for the universe in you...
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