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Ooooh, I hope SETI will find intelligent life after all, and that it may be :

Optimus PRIME !!!! ;-)
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Prime numbers hold the ultimate key to data compression !!

Imagine this:
Any! number can be composed by using only prime numbers. Since data can always be converted to a number, this means that ALL data, no matter how big (megabytes, gigabytes, hell... even all the data from all 'youtube', 'facebook', 'google' and actually ALL servers in the whole world), can be written as a single combination of prime numbers !!
If, for example, a prime, consisting of 1.000.000 digits - 1MB - (my biggest so far has like 388.000), can be represented in a formula of no more than 20-25 characters!
Needless to explain how far you can go when you start combining primes to compose any number imaginable... You could write down ALL data from Youtubes servers, at a certain moment in time, on a single piece of paper without loss of data!
And here comes the trick, all data can be fully reconstructed without the loss of a single bit!!! ...bye bye to the JPEG's and MPEG's of this world.

This is however the theory, in practice, it already takes hours to determine if a number with 1 mln digits is a prime number. Imagine how much computing power is required to find a 1 bln digit prime or even higher. Therefor, I'm hoping that Quantum processing might straighten the path for finding extremely high value primes. It would mean a revolution in data processing, because the very first internetcable would be able to send ALL youtubes' content a few seconds (maybe even in 1).

Primes are now mostly used for secure encryption, but the true power of primes lies in data compression!

Now that's worth crunching!
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