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1) Message boards : General discussion : Robocopy - Run dont walk to get up to speed on it :) (Message 67227)
Posted 2605 days ago by John Clark
Thank you Zydor, and it's good to see you around occasionally.
2) Message boards : General discussion : ~~~(,__,)^'> 's Thought For The Day (Message 60248)
Posted 2801 days ago by John Clark
+1 and R.I.P Sir Patrick, someone who will be missed
3) Message boards : General discussion : ~~~(,__,)^'> 's Thought For The Day (Message 57625)
Posted 2887 days ago by John Clark
I went to see the Red Arrows aerobatic display team today.
There were gasps of "Ooh" and "Aah" as the crowds watched on in amazement. Near miss after near miss had some people covering their eyes and shaking their heads in disbelief.
It was a good half hour's entertainment, but in the end, Erin parked the car and we made our way to the air show.

Waddington or ...
4) Message boards : General discussion : No graphic display for your project ? (Message 41868)
Posted 3220 days ago by John Clark
Graphics waste CPU cycles, simple as.....

A lesson learnt by the crunchers in SETI Classic nearly 13 years ago.

Project crunching and graphics on the same CPU (no GPU crunching way back then) lost 45% of the CPU crunching capacity
5) Message boards : General discussion : GT 430 + Questions (Message 39990)
Posted 3263 days ago by John Clark
I was given this link to a German site selling the Zotac Geforce GT 430 PCI (not Express) bus card - model number ZT-40605-10L.

I have 4xPCI (not Express Geforce 9500GT cards - 32 shaders) in two server hardware PCs. Currently, these are down for power reasons, but the one (dual P3 on a SuperMicro server board) runs -

(a) An ATI 7000 64MB card in the graphics slot. This handles graphics but no crunching.
(b) 2xGeforce 9500GT GPUs in some PCI bus expansion slots. Before I powered them down I was getting 60K on PPSsieve from the two.

I learnt about the PCI (not Express) version of the GT430 a couple of days ago.

I am thinking of getting the GT 430 PCI version and replacing the ATI 7000 GPU (no crunching) with the GT430. That should give me an output, under PPSsieve, of well over 100K on a dual P3 Coppermine machine.

Very tempting, and the price seems OK. Now where is my pocket book, and do I have a spare £55 quid ($140) next month.

Cheap enough for a trial that may or may not work.
6) Message boards : Number crunching : Credit Milestones (Message 38871)
Posted 3296 days ago by John Clark
Kongtatz DaveB
7) Message boards : Problems and Help : all errors with two ATI cards (Message 38420)
Posted 3312 days ago by John Clark
I combined both ATI cards in one system: HD-5850 and HD-4890 and have nothing but errors both here and at milkyway.

You need to download the APPS driver from ATI.


Neither of these cards do double precision, and Milkyway only uses those types of cards.

Sorry poo Bear ... both those ATI cards run double precision, unlike the new 68xx series. In that GPU series the 69xx do the double precision.

You are firmly correct that if BeemerBiker has not downloaded the APP with his drivers - best 11.3 ATM for me - then he will not crunch here or at Milkyway.

In the past I tried to use an HD5850 (main GPU) with an HD4850. BOINC Manager recognised the HD5850, but I could not get it to recognise the HD4850 in the same PC.

I am assuming that BeemerBiker is getting both cards recognised by BOINC, and that his problem is the lack of APP.
8) Message boards : Number crunching : PPS (Sieve) Cobblestone Recalibration (Message 38028)
Posted 3323 days ago by John Clark
Sounds just like quantitative easing when they printed $billions and sent it in to the economy, to go no-one knows where.

Perhaps we can all donate all of our credits to the Greek economy and then no crisis!
9) Message boards : Number crunching : PPS (Sieve) Cobblestone Recalibration (Message 37985)
Posted 3324 days ago by John Clark
[quote]I must say, I am disappointed as well as most of you. I specifically purchased a number of NVIDIA cards at considerable expense so that I may get more credit at PG. It seems now I have to change to ATI and chase another project that does not half their credit rating.

If I stay with PG, it will now take twice as long to catch up to somebody who is already ahead of me.

I am surprised you take that view?

It will take you the same amount of time to catch up as the other crunchers will be cut back exactly the same amount of credit given as you will be given.

The gap between you will, I agree, need more given units crunched to close. But, in a competition between the two, or more, of you they will pull ahead at half the speed they were, and you will catch up in proportion.

So, clearly there is no change, and no need to take the path you have. All are affected equally, and not you alone.

Are we that stupid that we do not warrant a warning about this reduction in the open but hide the fact in the Message Boards?

I have to admit some people had to give the Admins a prod to find out what was happening, and that immediate reduction was reversed. We are now in the 200 given credit reduction each week for the next 12-16 weeks, as explained.

So, you have been advised on the reduction, how it is being done and over what time frame.

Regarding your comment about thinking the Admins think you are stupid .... from this post, and your reaction, the answer has to be ... YES. I certainly think so.

At the same time run a campaign of canvassing for donations? I say again. Are we really that stupid?

My apologies if this offends, but you did walk in to this reply and clearly did not think it through.
10) Message boards : Number crunching : PPS (Sieve) Cobblestone Recalibration (Message 37914)
Posted 3326 days ago by John Clark
I will continue crunching PPSsieve on my GPU(s) and other sub-projects (PrimeGrid ones) on the CPUs. But, I will be moving some of my GPUs to other projects when I get the dust bunnies firmly removed and the other 2 closed down servers back producing.

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