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1) Message boards : General discussion : 6 core dell g3 1060 6gig max Q burned out (Message 126537)
Posted 712 days ago by Profile Williamd007
Luckily it is still under warranty but the only change was I started running the Do you feel lucky gfn. I do not recommend running that gfn on a 1060 max Q card in a laptop at this time. It will take 2 or 3 weeks to find out what happened exactly and I will have missing tasks from this event.
2) Message boards : General discussion : 2070 Ultra EVGA (Message 123508)
Posted 769 days ago by Profile Williamd007
Gpu Load-97 to 98 percent
Power Consumption W-184.4 to 186.9
Power Consumption %-98.8 to 101.4
These are the constantly changing ranges on what you requested.
I am running it at stock with no overclocking. Under the gfn21 challenge going on right now it’s putting out 3 in a 24 hour period.
3) Message boards : General discussion : Liquid cooled memory, now a reality. (Message 123389)
Posted 771 days ago by Profile Williamd007
Adata has what I believe to be the first liquid cooled memory chips for the general public. It’s called XPG Spectrix D 80. in 3000 and 3600 flavors with programmable rgb. 175.00 to 220.00 American money during the sale going on now, yes that’s the sale price.
4) Message boards : General discussion : 2070 Ultra EVGA (Message 123164)
Posted 777 days ago by Profile Williamd007
3 slot card with larger heat sink and fans. I got a hold of one a few weeks ago and put it in my I 6700k running at 4.2 with the ram set at 3200 with a 256 nvme drive. I noticed 2070 went up in the fastest gpu section and then were reset. Later showing very similar results. Heres what I see om my end.

2070 PPs Sieve- 2m42s
Genifer Mega 17- 4m24s
Genifer 18- 14m25s

in comparison:
1080ti PPS Sieve-4m14s

1070ti PPs Sieve-6m42s
G17 Mega-8m34s

1070 PPS Sieve5m49s

1060 6gigMaxQ (in a 6 Core laptop)
PPS Sieve- 9m20s

All running full cpu tasks at the same time. I have not run anything on any of these GPU alone with nothing else running yet. Running 417.22 nvidia driver but I do have the experimental feature turned on for the ultra 2070. Loacated in the settings for gforce experience for all 20 series cards.
5) Message boards : News : Genefer 3.3.4 now live (Message 120805)
Posted 845 days ago by Profile Williamd007
2 questions please.
1: We overlooked the need for pla_class, but in the app config it says /plan_class
so which is correct?

2:Is there a reason why it is only 2 cores or can we increase that say on a 6 core sysstem?

As always thank you for the info.
6) Message boards : Number crunching : Oktoberfest Challenge (Message 120701)
Posted 850 days ago by Profile Williamd007
2016 Hyperthreading on Cullen Challenge 438,399.36
2018 Multithreading on, Hyperthreading off 830,629.58

This is the actual result difference, Even my slowest laptop scored 2.
7) Message boards : Number crunching : Oktoberfest Challenge (Message 120522)
Posted 858 days ago by Profile Williamd007
Working on all I installed it on. Message went away as advertised. Thanks to everyone for there thoughts and help. Will have to compare at end with other instances of this challenge.
8) Message boards : Number crunching : Oktoberfest Challenge (Message 120485)
Posted 860 days ago by Profile Williamd007
Gold badge almost 900,000 points, so I have crunched it before, just never multithreaded. I have 2,200 something tasks I am clearing and should finish 24 hours before the start and can further test this then. Thank you for the fast response.
9) Message boards : Number crunching : Oktoberfest Challenge (Message 120478)
Posted 860 days ago by Profile Williamd007
So I thought I would try The multithreaded mode this year and so cut and pasted it into the directory mentioned. This is what happened:
PrimeGrid: Notice from BOINC
Your app_config.xml file refers to an unknown application 'llrCUL'. Known applications: 'pps_sr2sieve', 'genefer15', 'genefer16', 'genefer17low', 'genefer17mega', 'llrPPSE', 'llrTPS', 'psp_sr2sieve', 'llrPPS', 'trp_sr2sieve', 'llrMEGA', 'llrTRP', 'llrESP', 'ap26', 'gcw_sieve', 'genefer_wr', 'genefer18', 'genefer19', 'llrPSP', 'llrGCW', 'llr321', 'llrSOB', 'genefer', 'genefer20', 'llrSR5'
9/13/2018 8:43:11 AM

Any thoughts on this I would appreciate, Thanks.
10) Message boards : Problems and Help : newest Auroa beta Under Maximus hero alpha causeing reboots randomly (Message 115019)
Posted 1070 days ago by Profile Williamd007
So after the Windows update broke all the asus software they came out with a new suite and a new beta Aura. I traced my rebooting randomly to this non-working Aura program on my system and removed it. Random reboots stopped and my system is now stable. This was my i6700k quad core with 2 1070's. Be weary of this beta Aura program as it does not work with all rgb asus motherboards.

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