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1) Message boards : Proth Prime Search : List of primes (Message 49823)
Posted 4242 days ago by kar_bon
Thanks for the links again, I know them all.


a) 2 servers for PPSElow -> 2 pages with (unsorted) primes, only listed by date
b) no page for found primes of n greater PPSElow-range -> get those only from Top5000
c) goals for 2012: one post (changing) with current information


a) I have to download 2 pages and input them into a textporcessor to get those data I need

b) I have to download every new prime and input them into a textporcessor to get those data I need

c) I can't even use a textprocessing tool to get those information.

In short:
It's too much manually work to get all information to update my pages.

On the other hand I think it's a must have for a big project like PrimeGrid to show their results in a userfriendly manner but here is nothing since beginning... it's not the exercise of somebody like me.

So please, find somebody to create such pages, and for the other subprojects, too.

2) Message boards : Proth Prime Search : List of primes (Message 49764)
Posted 4242 days ago by kar_bon
Hi all,

after a long time now, trying to display Proth primes on my pages, too, it's still hard to find appropriate information here:

- Status of ranges tested by PrimeGrid are only available on the "Subproject status" link, but
- for a running range only lowest and highest testing n-value
- for finished ranges only highest n tested and number of primes found

- found primes only "listed" at Top5000 (if they are in) or
for example for PPSE from the user-status tables

Again my request:

It would be very nice and helpful to find a page like this on the Proth Search:

- giving all primes found and ranges tested by PrimeGrid.

There're many pages for user stats and badges and challenges but not such simple display of the results found here!

Please, make such overview.

3) Message boards : Proth Prime Search : List of primes (Message 28079)
Posted 4697 days ago by kar_bon

It's done!

The range 1200<k<10000 and n<50000 I've completed:
104849 primes found and listed on my pages.

A few days and all primes for n<100000 are known with PPSE10k effort!

4) Message boards : Proth Prime Search : List of primes (Message 27632)
Posted 4712 days ago by kar_bon

Another update:

I've included Status pages for reservation / completion for 3 different k-ranges with corresponding n-ranges.
All data taken from W.Keller's page (prothbooks= like guestbook with reservations).
So far the timeframe from Feb.2008 to Nov.2010 is shown, more older will follow.

Holding the mouse over a contributor in the table will show 2 dates (if available):
- first date is reservation
- second date is completion
- some comments (red star) mostly for ranges

It's possible to inlcude the primes, too (as tooltip or comment) if needed.

The look and ranges may change, I'm still trying to find the best fit.

5) Message boards : Proth Prime Search : List of primes (Message 27433)
Posted 4719 days ago by kar_bon

It's done!

The (almost) whole data for k<10000 are online.

I've created pages like for the Riesel-side, so for k<300, 300<k<2000, 2000<k<4000,...
New Menu set up including a small Statistics-page.

See here for more datails.

Just now NPLB is rallying, so the n<50k have to wait some days.

I'm trying to update every day all new primes from PG port 10000.

6) Message boards : Proth Prime Search : List of primes (Message 27392)
Posted 4721 days ago by kar_bon


- newest primes (from 2 hours ago from PPSE10k and mine for n<50k) are online
- many reservations/ranges for k<1000 updated
- begun to include comments for primes (red star) like "Divides F(x) ... GF(x)
(so far only for k=3 and only info. from Top5000 Database
- display of ranges now with abbrev. "K" or "M"
- a bit less than 1/2 of range n<50k done

- 5000 k-values (k=1-9999, more will come after splitting page)
- 122789 primes
- 19396 Top5000 links
- 2271 twins

Next works:
- getting more info for F/GF-factors
- more reservations
- creating user-primes-page
- updating Top5000 primes for last 2 weeks

- creating page with stats
- creating page with all reservations from (like range-tables there)
- more k-values/primes for k>10000

7) Message boards : Proth Prime Search : List of primes (Message 27283)
Posted 4725 days ago by kar_bon
I've just uploaded the newest testpage for Proth primes.

- creating reservations / ranges done from data file
(for now: if no reservation available:
k<1200: range done at 640k
k>1200: range done at 50k)
- all Proth primes from Top5000 Database

I'm also done 1/3 of the 1200<k<10000 and n<50000 tests (~90,000 primes found).

The newest attempt is to create a page of all persons who found any Proth prime ever from Top5000. This could be useful for PG's participants.
It should be doable including non-Top5000 primes, too.
But there's nothing to show yet.

8) Message boards : Proth Prime Search : List of primes (Message 27220)
Posted 4727 days ago by kar_bon

Next update:

The summary page for Proth primes lists now:

- all known primes for k<10000 (115,224 so far)
-- including all Top5000 primes (18,200 links inserted)
-- including all PG primes (upto yesterday)
--- from PPSE 10000 server
--- some from these forum threads
--- some from older PPSE 10000 and 11000 server (most were lost)
- all known twins for k<10000 (2271 so far)

- the search-range for k>1200 is set to n=50k although not all are done (hope next week)
- same for dates (set to 2010-01-10, will changed into last prime found later)
- for colors and definitons see here
- Nash weights were calculated with psieve3.exe
- Notes (see example for k=3, red star) could be inserted for factors of F / GFN

- current reservations (mostly for k<1200 from
- splitting and inserting html-pages like for Riesel-primes

Please everyone who finds an error or missing prime, post here or PM me,
the more information I get the better that page(s) become.
If anybody got some old result-files, they're welcome, too.


PS: Top5000 links for 1000<k<1200 not yet there. Coming next!

9) Message boards : Proth Prime Search : List of primes (Message 27171)
Posted 4729 days ago by kar_bon
Next updates to come:
- all twins for k<1200 marked (perhaps today)


357 Twins (k*2^n-1 and k*2^n+1 prime) for k<1200 marked.
10) Message boards : Proth Prime Search : List of primes (Message 27167)
Posted 4729 days ago by kar_bon
Yep, I know that link already, thanks.
See link to text-file in this post.

Yes, I realized there're not only Proth primes in there, no problem.

And no, this 'Proth Database' does not mean automatically updating the PG prime finder stats.
This page(s) will only be a summary of all (sometimes) known Proth primes!


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