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1) Message boards : Proth Prime Search : sieve validation... (Message 33120)
Posted 3459 days ago by keemy
There is a problem with that specific task. We will update the application to work correctly with such tasks in the future. In the mean time, if you are running a task for that specific WU (and ONLY that WU), please abort.

Thanks, I'm actually not running it I was just looking through my pending credit and saw there was a sieve which was a few days old in there.
2) Message boards : Proth Prime Search : sieve validation... (Message 33102)
Posted 3459 days ago by keemy

"Initial replication: 18"

Uhh... Can anyone explain this?
3) Message boards : Number crunching : Proth Prime Search (Sieve) - GPU performance (Message 30652)
Posted 3501 days ago by keemy
450 GTS (OC to 950/1900/1900) win7 64-bit - 888s
9800 GTX+ (SC) win7 64-bit - 1590s

the 450 is really nice $100 and looks like I can get >200k a day also the screen lag when I am using the computer is barely noticeable and even ok for watching videos. I guess Fermi really does make a big difference.
4) Message boards : Number crunching : 2011 Challenge Series suggestions (Message 30415)
Posted 3505 days ago by keemy
I disagree, there should be gpu challenge(s). If you look at primegrid's credit history here you can see that on the days of the proth sieve challenge primgrid was awarding up to 100,000,000 more credits per day. I assume that during the challenge some hosts were switched to primegrid rather than their usual projects.
5) Message boards : Sieving : CWPSieve CUDA testing (Message 30366)
Posted 3505 days ago by keemy

win7-64 9800gtx+

C:\Users\xkeemy>C:\New\cwpsieve-cuda-x86-windows.exe -p2563602e7 -P2563604e7 -n 10000000 -N 25000000 cwpsieve version cuda-0.2.3 (testing) nstart=10000000, nstep=20 Changed nstep to 19 cwpsieve initialized: 10000000 <= n <= 25000000 Sieve started: 25636020000000 <= p < 25636040000000 Thread 0 starting Detected GPU 0: GeForce 9800 GTX+ Detected compute capability: 1.1 Detected 16 multiprocessors. 25636026136339 | 24184321*2^24184321-1 p=25636029437185, 157.3K p/sec, 0.01 CPU cores, 47.2% done. ETA 04 Jan 21:26 25636029526061 | 12004589*2^12004589+1 25636030632281 | 14263341*2^14263341+1 p=25636038612225, 152.9K p/sec, 0.01 CPU cores, 93.1% done. ETA 04 Jan 21:26 Thread 0 completed Waiting for threads to exit Sieve complete: 25636020000000 <= p < 25636040000000 Found 3 factors count=647707,sum=0xe66f848aacfc21bb Elapsed time: 132.22 sec. (0.04 init + 132.18 sieve) at 152710 p/sec. Processor time: 1.22 sec. (0.05 init + 1.17 sieve) at 17252109 p/sec. Average processor utilization: 1.30 (init), 0.01 (sieve)

6) Message boards : Sieving : CWPSieve CUDA testing (Message 30361)
Posted 3505 days ago by keemy
win 7 64 bit 9800 gtx+

It said cudart.dll was missing so I copied it from boinc folder (and I also tried downloading a copy online) but I keep getting the error "The procedure entry point cudaSetDeviceFlags could not be located in the dynamic link library cudart.dll"
7) Message boards : Number crunching : The Future of CPU vs GPU (Message 28974)
Posted 3534 days ago by keemy
Recently I was wondering why a GPU application would be so difficult for the LLR tasks.

I don't recall the exact algorithm for LLR but I am pretty sure it just makes the group Z/(num being tested) then tries to find an element of said 'a' group which has order num being tested - 1 (that is a^num = 1, and a^l =/=1 for k<num). (sorry if I botched something here)

If that were the case I don't see how GPU's wouldn't be great for LLR, but alas I don't know if it does tricky stuff so it only tests some a or what not. If anyone can explain the specifics it would be greatly appreciated.
8) Message boards : Proth Prime Search : Is there any way to only get the GPU seive? (Message 28764)
Posted 3537 days ago by keemy
Thanks to both of you, it's working for me now (I feel dumb for not searching for an answer very well though, oh well).
9) Message boards : Proth Prime Search : Is there any way to only get the GPU seive? (Message 28752)
Posted 3537 days ago by keemy
From my understanding (which may be very incorrect) the PPS sieve has 2 versions (a cpu and gpu version).
Is there any way to only get the gpu version as I'd like my cpu to work on the llr?
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