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1) Message boards : Problems and Help : choosing the application for one computer (Message 20170)
Posted 4616 days ago by mark
I have one of those VIA Epia boards with included CPU which can be used as i686 (without APIC Unit) or i586.
Currently the computer runs boinc on debian (which uses an i486-kernel; I don't have the desire to install gentoo on this slow machine again though it would be the best omptimized operating system).
The only tasks this machine computes without errors are AP26 Search tasks. I guess the other applications are optimized in an incompatible way.
Is there a way to configure this computer to only accept AP26 tasks? The project preferences only work globally for all computers I use, which isn't quite the solution for assigning tasks to special computers...
2) Message boards : Proth Prime Search : Wrong completion times (Message 20061)
Posted 4621 days ago by mark
My computer downloaded tasks for seven days, which resulted in a large list of tasks to crunch (about 60 I think).
The completion time for each Proth task was about 18 hours (according to boinc manager), which climbed to 19 hours later. I calculated, that this large list will never finish within a week.
Because I didn't want to allocate tasks which I'm not able to finish in time, I cancelled most of them (about 40 tasks).
The next morning, the remaining Proth tasks had a completion time of ~9 hours each and the finished ones only needed 3-4 hours, so I guess I didn't had to cancel all those jobs after all, right? :-/
The completion time is really weird...
3) Message boards : Proth Prime Search : PPS Sieve (Message 19987)
Posted 4623 days ago by mark
Hello, please enable this for my computer "moon", it satisfies the requirements
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