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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Great Conjunction Challenge (Message 147214)
Posted 877 days ago by Profile gemini8Project donor
Fun challenge again!
Thanks a lot to the PrimeGrid team and everyone who took part in this!
Meet you in challenges again in 2021!
2) Message boards : Number crunching : 2021 Challenge Schedule (Message 146632)
Posted 895 days ago by Profile gemini8Project donor
SoB challenge! ♥️


3) Message boards : Number crunching : Why are GPU-capable subprojects also run on CPUs? (Message 146520)
Posted 897 days ago by Profile gemini8Project donor
Good morning.
If you can't follow this then I'm at a loss on how to educate you further.

I - and probably everyone who has already participated in this thread - can easily follow your idea, but I don't need to be educated just because I don't have the same opinion.

Mentioning opinions:
There are many Boinc users who divide projects into meaningful and not meaningful ones to decide what they run. Different users have different opinions about which is which btw.
If the Boinc universe only was about efficiently doing meaningful science, there'd be no need for credits or badges as users wouldn't need any sort of thank you, being totally driven by sense, and running helpful Boinc projects would be the most sensible thing to do to everyone on this planet who could afford it.
Also, everyone would run everything not time-critical on ARM because ARM is quite energy-efficient compared to Intel and AMD processors.

And, just to be hilarious, everyone would use Macintosh computers running macOS because those have the best user interface and thus, the best user experience. Well, nearly as good a user interface as the MagiC / Jinnee or MiNT / Jinnee combination on old Atari computers. Erm, stating that I have to correct myself: everyone would use upgraded Atari computers running MagiC or MiNT with Jinnee on top to have the best user experience.
And Windows wouldn't even exist because it was so bad in the beginning that everyone would have easily understood just how unreasonable it is to use it.

Well, I'm old enough to have learned that people aren't that sensible, else we wouldn't face wars, starvation, pollution, Windows and people spreading Corona senselessly by dumb behaviour, just to name a few topics that should instantly be solved by sense and education.

Please read humour as humour while excavating the facts, thank you.
4) Message boards : Number crunching : Magellan 500th Anniversary Challenge (Message 146228)
Posted 902 days ago by Profile gemini8Project donor
Again, thanks a lot for a great challenge!

I'm looking forward to joining the fun on the 21st!
5) Message boards : Number crunching : Why are GPU-capable subprojects also run on CPUs? (Message 146227)
Posted 902 days ago by Profile gemini8Project donor
Well, we*re talking about a project with a scientific goal.
There are people like me who support just about any project that pops up in their known Boinc universe because they want to further science, start to like challenges here and there and throw one machine or a lot of machines at them. Others support one project because it's just their thing, full stop!
If you want your support to be as efficient as possible, you research the projects and their applications, tweak some config files, set different resources for the projects and do whatever you think helps the efficiency.
For me it's a few machines, and my everyday machine is older and slower than those taking part in Boinc.
For people who run Boinc on their personal worker, media player, surfing machine, or what else they are doing with their PET (Personal Electronic Thing, nice labelling by Douglas Adams), the above-mentioned efficiency might not be the best - because it tampers with the PET's responsiveness.
Tweaking everything possible is fine with me, as I use another machine for myself, but imagine someone running Boinc on their PET:
It's nice to have an i7-8700 that runs LLR on all CPU threads (best efficiency for me) and Genefer 21 on the GPU just to push PrimeGrid, while everything else is awfully slow. Oh, wait - that's not nice. Instead it's nice to run Genefer 22 on the GPU (less impact than 21) plus something that does not kill the overall responsiveness as much as LLR. And this something might be a sieve. PrimeGrid had CPU-only sieves, but at the very moment there are none, as there are no sieving goals that can only be achieved without GPU.
Btw.: Sieving is not only better regarding responsiveness on high-end machines - it's also less taxing for the system. So, another use case might be someone who administers a data center or cluster that they want to be doing work so the computers and their cooling run at around the same level all the time to reduce stress on the hardware. Nice job for Boinc and a PrimeGrid sieve, even if it might be done faster by GPUs.

So, there are different users that might want to support PrimeGrid with their own, totally different goals in mind.
6) Message boards : Number crunching : Giving out too much work (Message 146145)
Posted 903 days ago by Profile gemini8Project donor
I think I read somewhere that the problem is within the Boinc software, not the server.
So it might be useful to try other versions of Boinc.
7) Message boards : Number crunching : Évariste Galois's Birthday Challenge (Message 144715)
Posted 944 days ago by Profile gemini8Project donor
Thanks a lot for the first LLR2 Challenge!
Hope there are more to come!
See you then. :-)
8) Message boards : Number crunching : Évariste Galois's Birthday Challenge (Message 144007)
Posted 961 days ago by Profile gemini8Project donor
You see that especially on projects that aren't time-critical.
Well, for the most part that includes about every project apart from some PrimeGrid subprojects (think I don't need to elaborate on that ;-) ) and in a way GPUGrid, als you get a bonus for fast turnaround.
9) Message boards : Number crunching : Évariste Galois's Birthday Challenge (Message 143991)
Posted 962 days ago by Profile gemini8Project donor
The advantage of running 4 threads on 2 cores is that HT gives you the performance of roughly 3 cores. This means the same amount of work gets done sooner.

For Intel this is only true on newer machines than at least Core-i 4th gen.
On older ones using two hyper-threads per core slows down llr tasks.
Well, that's my experience.
Don't know about pre-ZEN Ryzen processors, but with ZEN it's full power on all threads as well.

As someone who still runs oldish hardware besides newer machines I consider this as quite important. ;-)

Configuring all that with app_config and PrimeGrid preferences is a little bit annoying, but we want the best experience for all machines, don't we?
10) Message boards : Number crunching : LLR2 installed on all big LLR projects (Message 143459)
Posted 980 days ago by Profile gemini8Project donor
I've been running 321 sv for 7 hours now, but nearly all my tasks are pending. Is it that no one cares about this enough or that everyone already got their badges?

It is possible there's just a lot of tasks out there due to the Formula Boinc sprint on PrimeGrid.
I'd definately consider the possibility of people bunkering to make the adverseries drop their guards.

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