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1) Message boards : Number crunching : The Lunar Landing Challenge (Message 9614)
Posted 4651 days ago by Profile Beta-guy
do I need to do anything to join, or just start use the Prime Sierpinski Project sieve application?
2) Message boards : Problems and Help : having account issues (Message 4433)
Posted 5205 days ago by Profile Beta-guy
Always make sure you use the same email address when signing up to projects. The email address is the unique identifier, not your nickname or anything else.

And allow for some time for the CPID to synch between projects.

I haven't changed the e-mail address, that's what puzzles me, I left WCG to do this, then I learned of the cross project status stuff so I looked at that everyday, and about 5 days ago it just gave me a new cross project ID, I lost all of my status I can still see my old status from my old project ID, but I don't like it being split up.

could the project be assigning me new CPID's?
3) Message boards : Number crunching : Please do LLR tests (Message 4429)
Posted 5205 days ago by Profile Beta-guy
I've seen Core 2 Duos doing like 56 seconds per workunit.

Look here:

Look at his 6400 C2D and look at the results. 56 seconds.... I want one now.

thanks, I built that computer on Oct 2nd, one thing I noticed is that I am limited to only 3000 units a day, I'm hoping to get in 2nd place, but I think your safely in 1st, I can't compete with you yet, wait until march when I buy the Q6600 CPU :D

I'm on the AMD users as a technicallity I have a AMD X2 4200 running as well but I agree the C2D is beating that.
4) Message boards : Problems and Help : having account issues (Message 4428)
Posted 5205 days ago by Profile Beta-guy
my Cross-project ID keeps changing I hate having my stats all splits up is there a way to stop having these ID's from being seemingly randomly created or can I merge them back together?
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