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1) Message boards : Project Staging Area : llrCUDA testing (Message 34508)
Posted 4333 days ago by Tom Philippart
I would like to try the cuda app, but I have never used prp before,
could anyone please give me detailed instructions on how to run it on my gpu? (I'm running win7)

I tried installing it, but it quits after barely starting, the window disappears like 0.5 seconds after opening
2) Message boards : Proth Prime Search : Prime rates (Message 21890)
Posted 4707 days ago by Tom Philippart
hmm primes where do you hide?
14831 tasks completed...
3) Message boards : Proth Prime Search : Prime rates (Message 21758)
Posted 4710 days ago by Tom Philippart

Completed tasks: 12961

without a single prime...
4) Message boards : Sophie Germain Prime Search : Sophie Germain Prime Search (Message 20844)
Posted 4745 days ago by Tom Philippart
is this search done once we've crunched the remaining units? or will it be extended to other n values?
5) Message boards : Number crunching : replication 3 quorum 2 (Message 15438)
Posted 5021 days ago by Tom Philippart
I'm running 321 and Proth LLR WUs and I think it is annoying and in my opinion not useful to have a quorum of 2 with a replication of 3. MNany of my successfully crunched WUs get 0 credits because of this.

quorum/replication of 2/2 would be enough and everybody would get credit. If you need a triple check, make a quorum/replication of 3/3.

It's not that serious with Proth since it on my core2quad only about 130-160sec, but 321 WUs take 30k seconds!
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