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1) Message boards : Number crunching : 321 Blast off Challenge (Message 59280)
Posted 3146 days ago by Adam
My 15 minutes of BOINC fame are ending. Fun graph to see. But I am very glad it is working itself out.

Is there any idea when the host issue may be resolved?

If you install BOINC client version 7.0.36, your problem should resolve on Windows 8.

Adam upgraded BOINC during the run with no effect. I do not think it has to do with the BOINC version at this point.

Right, I've installed 7.0.36 and it didn't correct the issue. I've re-installed it tonight and tried running the program in Windows 7 compatibility mode, which did not help. From my troubleshooting I don't think the problem is with the BOINC client. If I'm not mistaken only those effected by this are using Windows 8 64 bit.

I did have a breakthrough as I'm writing this!
I took J.Sheridan's advice and ran BOINC as an administrator and am currently running four 321 WUs for 5 minutes without error. For disclosure I did this in Windows 7 compatibility mode originally. I have since suspended the WUs and closed BOINC. I then adjusted the compatibility mode back to not use the compatibility mode. Opening BOINC, again as administrator, the WUs were resumed successfully.

To further test this I reset the project, now with it being opened without compatibility mode as an administrator, in Windows 8 Pro 64 bit and the units are successfully chugging along with no errors after one minute.

This is all done at stock CPU settings. I'm going to go back into UEFI and reapply my OC settings and attempt this one more time to rule out any possible OC issues.

EDIT: Back up and running with no compatibility settings, BOINC as an administrator, in Windows 8 64 bit, with an i5 3570k OCd to 4.5 ghz I was able to reset the project and have been successfully running four 321 WUs for five minutes. Hopefully in 14 hours I'll be able to come back and let you all know that the units were completed without error.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : 321 Blast off Challenge (Message 59210)
Posted 3147 days ago by Adam
The rise and fall of aegelhof, Adam and jonmarlow:

My 15 minutes of BOINC fame are ending. Fun graph to see. But I am very glad it is working itself out.

Is there any idea when the host issue may be resolved?
3) Message boards : Number crunching : 321 Blast off Challenge (Message 59089)
Posted 3149 days ago by Adam
Hey sorry about the confusion my machine and I contributed to. I was also traveling this weekend and set BOINC to work on the challenge while I was out so I wasn't able to catch the error before it blew up. I attempted to make some corrections like updating the BOINC client to a newer version via remote but that didn't seem to solve the issue.

I'd like to try and troubleshoot this error so we can find maybe find a solution. I am running Windows 8 pro 64bit, which was my initial concern when Scott Brown had let me know my units were not completing, given that Windows 8 was new and BOINC may not have been configured or updated properly for this. But looking over the thread I see mention that others have gotten Windows 8 to work for them so the error must be specific to me.

I am running an i5 3570k that was OCd to 4.5ghz. This was the next logical culprit since it could be unstable in this work environment though I have had no blue screens or other problems whatsoever in about the month that I was using this set up on Windows 7 64 bit or the past week of Windows 8 64 bit.

I noticed that at some point today my Preferences had been set to a different project than the 321 challenge. Thanks for that! I really don't like confusing the rankings for those who are actually competing for the top spots. I hope you find it easy enough to just assume that my name may as well not be there and count it as such until my work can be invalidated.

I tried to update my preferences this evening to work again on the 321 challenge after I had reset my OC so I could try to narrow this problem down. However, after resetting Prime Grid on BOINC and updating the project I was still receiving work from another project. Possibly my preferences haven't been communicated to the BOINC client yet but it has been about an hour of attempting this. So if there is anything else I can do or if a moderator/admin wants to contact me I'd be happy to try and work through this.

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