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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Pierre de Fermat's Birthday Challenge (Message 111623)
Posted 2142 days ago by Shaun
Just a thought as this might not even be the issue.

It is the issue:
maxErr exceeded for 9683006^131072+1, 1.0000 > 0.4500 Errors occurred for all available transform implementations Waiting 10 minutes before attempting to continue from last checkpoint...


Doesn't appear to be heat related in my case. I increased fan profile, opened the window to winter air, and let the GTX 970 run at default 1404MHz. After temps dropped by over 15c from where I typically run it (and last had it hang), it hung again... on a Genefer 16 WU.

It does appear to be GPU frequency related, however. I had it running stable for the last few hours at about 1306MHz. I'll go back to that after this 10 minute wait expires.

Incidentally, the 2nd card in my box is a GTX 960, which runs at 1442 MHz (stock) and it never hangs.

So I guess this is to be blamed on Factory OC (or "Boost") feature of this EVGA 970 running a bit too fast.

Thanks for the help.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Pierre de Fermat's Birthday Challenge (Message 111591)
Posted 2142 days ago by Shaun
I have the same issue with a GTX 970 and Gener 17 Low WUs... they work fine for a few minutes, then all progress halts and I have to abort them. I've even under-clocked the card hoping for more stability, but that doesn't seem to help. (Card is not OC'd in the first place.. just stock.)
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