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1) Message boards : Proth Prime Search : Missing prime (Message 22585)
Posted 3739 days ago by ejeancolas
Hello everybody.
Today my missing prime is no longer missing. It is 8177*2^496667+1. Well, not large enough to be among top 5000. For information, it took 8 days between first report into Free-dc and report into PrimeGrid prime list. I don't know if it was a mere queue issue or if somebody took an action.
Anyway I'm taking this opportunity to tell how exciting it is to participate to prime hunting. Thanks to you all.
2) Message boards : Proth Prime Search : Missing prime (Message 22500)
Posted 3742 days ago by ejeancolas
Hi! I also miss a PPS prime. Since last Friday, Apr 9th, my stats reports have been showing 4 hits in the PPS LLR row, I have also a 4 in my Proth Prime Search tasks section under my account, but when I click on that "4" to show up my primes, I see only 11 of them, with only 3 PPS.
My free-dc stats:

My prime page:
Any idea? Should I just wait?
Note to further readers: free-dc stats and prime page are dynamic. They may show up the problem is fixed. Until fixed, I'll run other sub-projects.
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