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11) Message boards : AP26 - AP27 Search : Need Testers new Linux64 SIMD-SSE2 app (Message 17986)
Posted 4181 days ago by vasmProject donor
Test computer: Intel C2D Mobile T7500 @ 2.2GHz

new app: 3m 31s
1.03 app: 4m 56s

results file matches
12) Message boards : Number crunching : I created some new signatures for Primegrid (Message 17544)
Posted 4207 days ago by vasmProject donor
Nice work the new signatures. Thanks.

Looks like the Project Staging Area line shows the Tasks and Hits number of 321 Sieve.
As PSA has no such data it should be zeros or blanks.
Similar to what happened with AP26 hits and PPS LLR perhaps.
13) Message boards : Project Staging Area : GCW13 Mini-Challenge Series (Message 16775)
Posted 4244 days ago by vasmProject donor
Thanks for the correction. In that case, scratch the suggestion in my previous need to comment out the LLR line in the prpclient.ini file.

Well, PRPNet client 2.2.2 is currently programmed to test GCW13 candidates using llr and earlier versions do so using phrot.
Given that, the way to force the current client into using the new pfgw 3.1 for GCW13 is indeed to comment llr.exe out (until rogue updates the client and introduces this behaviour in the code).
So I think your suggestion was right. If you leave the llr line, the client will feed the numbers to llr which is slower.

As for the speed improvements. For the current candidates n~442k from 6+ hours required by llr and phrot its down to somewhat less than 2 hours by pfgw.
Very impressive!
However, if someone's PC can do it in half hour I'd like to know how. I mean if a stock C2Q9450 needs 115min I'd be very surprised if even an overclocked i7 can bring that down to 30.
If so, I'll go buy one ;)
14) Message boards : Number crunching : Forgive an Ignorant Question but...... (Message 16774)
Posted 4244 days ago by vasmProject donor
I think Pilgrim is asking about credit as a prime finder for primes he discovered and not BOINC credit (cobblestones) which the link above is talking about.

I remember this issue came up around February with the Tour de Primes when PRPnet gained popularity and people started finding primes outside the main BOINC subprojects. It's not only about the small ones from port 10k but also the bigger reportable primes from the other ports. Some relevant posts are HERE and HERE.

In short, inclusion of prime numbers found on PRPnet in Primegrid's main Prime Finder database is something to be implemented. How much progress has been made or how high of a priority it is, it's up to the project's admins to answer.
15) Message boards : Project Staging Area : PRNet Discussion( Old ) (Message 16646)
Posted 4251 days ago by vasmProject donor
PRPclient 2.2.2 Windows

[2009-07-06 21:42:06 GMT] GCW13: Getting work from server at port 6868 This is the new PRPNet Server version 2.0.4 PrimeGrid PRP Test Server GCW13 LLR tests only k*2^n+/-1 numbers, so, we will do a PRP test of 440844*13^440844-1 Starting probable prime test of 440844*13^440844-1 Using generic reduction FFT length 160K 440844*13^440844-1, bit: 40000 / 1631336 [2.45%]. Time per bit: 11.673 ms.

Shouldn't GCW13 candidates be tested by phrot instead of llr?
Planned behaviour or bug?

[2009-07-06 21:12:23 GMT] PRIMO: Getting work from server at port 9191 This is the new PRPNet Server version 2.0.4 9191 PFGW Version 1.2.0 for Windows [FFT v23.8] Illegal option -k

Changelog refers to -k feature for pfgw 1.3. Pfgw included is 1.2.0.
Is pfgw 1.3 available somewhere and safe to use with prpclient 2.2.2?
16) Message boards : AP26 - AP27 Search : Optimized AP26 app for Intel 64bit Linux (Message 16620)
Posted 4252 days ago by vasmProject donor
About 13% faster on a T7500 running Ubuntu 9.04 (average of 10 workunits).

Just a note. As provided the app_info.xml is good if the client is running AP26 only. So it will be really handy for the challenge, but for those that run AP26 concurrently with other subprojects the app_info.xml will need additions for everything to run smoothly.
Thanks for the effort.

17) Message boards : Problems and Help : How do I stop bionic using the GPU? (Message 16409)
Posted 4265 days ago by vasmProject donor
6.6.x versions of BOINC have separate GPU scheduling so at times you see BOINC requesting GPU tasks and receiving 0 (obviously as PrimeGrid and the majority of BOINC projects do not have GPU applications/work). Of course BOINC doesn't know that and will keep requesting GPU work for non-GPU projects, something I also found annoying. Note that any PrimeGrid work you did actually download was CPU work and was not processed by the GPU that wouldn't be possible.

To make BOINC stop using GPU and get rid of these GPU download requests (provided you are not doing work for any of the other GPU/CUDA projects) you need to do the following:

Find your BOINC Data folder (Vista default is C:\ProgramData\BOINC) and in there create a file named cc_config.xml
Use Notepad or another text editor and inside the file write the following:


Save the file, shut down BOINC client and manager.
Next time you start BOINC you should see a message in the BOINC Manager Messages tab saying "Configured to not use coprocessors"

That means BOINC will ignore your GPU. Plus using this way you keep the latest GPU drivers without the need to roll-back or uninstall anything.
18) Message boards : Project Staging Area : PRNet Discussion( Old ) (Message 15782)
Posted 4295 days ago by vasmProject donor
There seems to be an issue with the linux build of the client. Have you tried building it on your own?

No, but I tried it now. A disclaimer first; although I'm pretty savvy with computers, my field of expertise lies elsewhere. So I have hardly any compiling experience but what I did was:
got g++ from synaptic, extracted the source code from here to a folder and ran make. When it finished (after a pretty long list of warning messages) I took the prpclient executable that was produced, replaced the original that was not working and ran it.

It does work. Did some port 11K workunits and in general things seem normal on my side. LLR and stop/resume work fine. As it's a weak host I can't really test running the longer workunits from the other ports.
19) Message boards : Project Staging Area : PRNet Discussion( Old ) (Message 15777)
Posted 4295 days ago by vasmProject donor
I am not getting the linux version of 2.1.5 to run. ./prpclient fails with the message
"cannot execute binary file" & if I try sudo ./prpclient then I get "syntax error "(" unexpected"

Confirmed in Ubuntu 8.10 32bit
bash: ./prpclient: cannot execute binary file
and if using sudo
./prpclient: 1: Syntax error: "(" unexpected

Also with 2.1.5 in Ubutnu 9.04 64bit I'm still unable to run primorial (client hangs). LLR and phrot tests run fine but, as far as I can tell, the linux-pfgw issues remain.
20) Message boards : Proth Prime Search : Computer ID --- ??? (Message 15748)
Posted 4297 days ago by vasmProject donor
Thanx vasm -- I do remember this thread now --- I have seen this only on odd ocassions in the past --- never on 400 consecutive WU's on all 17 hosts before.

Yes, probably someone has done extensive work on a Proth range and now that Primegrid reached that range it's mainly double-checking until we get through.

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