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1) Message boards : Problems and Help : '3 second' errors on CPU LLR tasks (Message 71616)
Posted 3448 days ago by Mitch
I'll look into that as soon as I can, my power supply took a dump and I'm waiting on an RMA from Visiontek.
2) Message boards : Problems and Help : '3 second' errors on CPU LLR tasks (Message 71570)
Posted 3451 days ago by Mitch
Running boinc.exe as admin and then opening boinc manager as admin makes it work this time. I've managed a few PPS and PPSE tasks now
3) Message boards : Problems and Help : '3 second' errors on CPU LLR tasks (Message 71567)
Posted 3451 days ago by Mitch
I'm back to having errors on all LLR tasks. Timing out after 1-4 seconds, random ones will run through as normal but burning through many at a time before getting one which will. Currently have Genefer short running on GPU (7850) and three cpu threads running PPS and PPSE LLR tasks ok. The fourth thread is continuously uploading after a few seconds. Running BOINC 7.2.33 on Windows 8.1 with an AMD A10-6800k. Just started this today.

My computer id is 416092 and the results are listed under invalid
4) Message boards : Number crunching : CPU + GPU, does it make a difference how much? (Message 71190)
Posted 3475 days ago by Mitch
I was referring to app_config.xml and the ability to set processor usage tied to the GPU. I don't remember the default setting, but it was running something along the line of .187 cpu + 1 gpu. When I added my second card it would run two tasks with .187 cpu + 1 gpu, but it doesn't say which task is running on the remaining .7xx cpu. I changed my app_config to run .5 cpu to each gpu. I was just interested in how much of a difference it makes. Like if I was to run 1 full core to each GPU would it speed things up noticeably? I'm running Genefer and haven't had the enough tasks complete to get the full picture, thought maybe someone had some experience with this.
5) Message boards : Number crunching : CPU benchmarks (Message 71189)
Posted 3475 days ago by Mitch
I searched the forum for benchmarks and cpu benchmarks and came up with little on the subject. I'm looking into building a "low" power rig using itx blades in a rackmount chassis. I'm going intel LGA1150 for this build as their TDP is hard to beat from AMD. My research has been on but is there a running list on real world boinc benchmarks? I'm interested to see some numbers, especially in the lower TDP chips like the i5 4570 S

Here's what I'm actually running now, but have no clue how these numbers stack up against anyone else (BOINC benchmark used):

AMD A6-5400k (65-watt TDP)
2 cores @ 4.30GHz
3141 floating point MIPS
11311 integer MIPS

Intel XEON E5405 x2 (80-watt TDP each)
8 cores @ 2.00GHz
2010 floating point MIPS
9408 integer MIPS

Intel XEON E5345 x2 (80-watt TDP each)
8 cores @ 2.33GHz
2210 floating point MIPS
12262 integer MIPS

Intel Pentium B960 (unknown but whole laptop only pulls 30w through meter)
2 cores @ 2.20GHz
2192 floating point MIPS
6901 integer MIPS

6) Message boards : Number crunching : CPU + GPU, does it make a difference how much? (Message 71187)
Posted 3475 days ago by Mitch
How much CPU do you run with your GPU?? I was under the assumption that the GPU did all of the work. I played around with various settings (.250+1, .5+1, .750+1) and on all tests it still runs the CPU core at 99-100%. Is there any benefit in running more cpu into a gpu task? Or should I run at a minimum cpu and use the remainder for another cpu only WU?

7) Message boards : General discussion : The game changer: The Playstation 4 (Message 71146)
Posted 3478 days ago by Mitch
The biggest issue I could foresee is the vulnerablity to the PS4's online community. Microsoft went through leaps and bounds to prevent xbox modders from gaining a competetive edge on other players. The downside is you have to pay for service but they keep a large staff primarily for booting off people who cheat. This stabilty is what made xbox live flourish over the PS3's online gaming. I live and breath sony so don't knock me for saying this, but xbox live was far superior to Playstation network. Sony wants to change that with PS4, and I could see them preventing people from tampering with firmware and being able to connect.

What would be awesome, is a BOINC coded to work in the PS4 operating enviromnent, and available to download in the Playstation store. Much like Netflix, that music app they had, and other downloadable games, just select it from the XMB (or whatever they're calling now). Maybe some programmers could come up with something and with enough backing it could be possible.
8) Message boards : Problems and Help : GPU doesn't crunch next task Radeon hd 7850 (Message 71136)
Posted 3479 days ago by Mitch
I rolled back my driver and all seems well, thanks.

mikey, I hear you, I have boxes of parts that are more or less useless in terms of performance and power efficiency but I just can't seem to part with them. I used to be a huge pc gamer and a ten year stint where I had more money than I knew what to do with so I upgraded my pc's as soon as the next big thing came out. Now I'm 27 with a 3 year old and 9 month old, my job was hit hard by the economy (manufacturing in Michigan), and my GI Bill from my time in the service is going towards a bachelors in network security. Needless to say my high end pc days are on hold for now. I'm relatively new to BOINC (less than a year) but the concept has sparked a huge interest in me, especially the WCG due to the nature of their research. I run two poweredge servers around the clock when my power bills allow for it but since WCG has no GPU tasks for the time being I've picked up Primegrid and once I found my first prime I can't wait for another.
9) Message boards : Problems and Help : GPU doesn't crunch next task Radeon hd 7850 (Message 71114)
Posted 3480 days ago by Mitch
Thanks, I'll be sure to try that. I do play games on occasion, but having two little ones keeps me busy and my systems primarily working BOINC tasks. I'll roll back my driver to a stable release as my cpu bottlenecks my gpu anyway and any driver performance gain in gaming would be negligible. I primarily play FFXIV and don't have an HD display so I don't need ultra graphics anyway. At least till I upgrade to a new mobo and cpu, but by that point I'll be aiming towards a R9 290X.
10) Message boards : Problems and Help : '3 second' errors on CPU LLR tasks (Message 71106)
Posted 3481 days ago by Mitch
I have experienced the same issue on windows 8.1 x64 using BOINC 7.2.28 64-bit client. The errors were all on my gpu and PPS sieve (atiPPSsieve). I had non-stop errors for a large amount of WU's. All coming back as validate error. Non-overclocked xfx 7850 oc edition. CPU is a AMD a6-5400k. I stopped doing the PPS sieve apps onn GPU and directed them to my servers instead. Now I'm having a issue with only one task running on GPU and then the GPU shutting down in the next WU. I started a separate thread for that issue:

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