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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Évariste Galois's Birthday Challenge (Message 143945)
Posted 590 days ago by Profile Tornlogic
Okay, cool. Thank you
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Évariste Galois's Birthday Challenge (Message 143943)
Posted 590 days ago by Profile Tornlogic
I'm not trying to be mean or rude, but did you tell the whole world your server(s) have essentially a DoS vulnerability? Maybe fix the issue rather than plead the community to do the right thing, which I'm sure they will. However with that said, there are always malicious people out there. If there wasn't we wouldn't have Cyber Security.

I understand the resources required for a malicious person to submit enough bunkered tasks to fill the storage on your computing resources, but it could happen. How can the community help fix this problem? We need to buy more storage? Maybe I don't fully understand the issue here.

3) Message boards : Number crunching : Suggestions for 2020 Challenges (Message 134328)
Posted 933 days ago by Profile Tornlogic
You have my vote for an exclusive conjecture challenge year!
4) Message boards : Problems and Help : PRPNet Help (Message 131116)
Posted 1039 days ago by Profile Tornlogic
Awesome, all my questions have been answered. Thanks again for all your time!
5) Message boards : Problems and Help : PRPNet Help (Message 131114)
Posted 1039 days ago by Profile Tornlogic
I think I have everything working, thank you everyone. Simply needed to install MS Visual C++, and that resolved everything. I guess maybe in the help file just state Winblows needs that installed as a dependency for PRPNet.

Quick question. As was stated, the WWWW projects are suspended. Does that mean no GPU projects for this client? This is how I have my ini file configured:


I assume I cannot uncomment the last 2 lines as they are suspended?

6) Message boards : Problems and Help : PRPNet Help (Message 131053)
Posted 1042 days ago by Profile Tornlogic
All right! I want to thank each one of you guys for helping me out. Michael, I really want to thank you for taking the time and effort of answering everything in great detail. I feel I'm armed well enough to get this working once I find time to sit down and knock it out.

Interesting this system doesn't have the DLLs required, it's a newish install of Win10, but with MS, you can always count on surprises. :)

Thanks again everyone!
7) Message boards : Problems and Help : PRPNet Help (Message 131047)
Posted 1042 days ago by Profile Tornlogic
I have a problem getting the PRPNet Client running on my system. I must be configuring something incorrectly. Here is my problem:

I ran the install bat file for my CPU, then I changed some of the variables in the ini file. Next I ran the update bat file, then the start bat file. When I run the start bat file i get a number of windows errors saying "Code execution cannot proceed because it cannot find MSVCP100.dll, OpenCL.dll and VCOMP100.dll. In the ini file I chose the 64 bit executable. One section I'm really scratching my head on is the following, and this is how I configured mine because I have no clear understanding of what this section is really trying to define.

// This is the name of the executable used for Wieferich and Wall-Sun-Sun searches.
// Available ONLY to 64bit OS. Uncomment if you have 64bit OS.
// If you have an OpenCL-capable GPU, uncomment 'wwwwcl'

Years ago I tried to get this client to work with no luck. Is PRPNet REALLY this hard to get working? Seems like everyone here runs this client because I have yet to see ANYBODY that doesn't have this badge. I find it frustrating they don't experience issues, yet I do. I've run non-GUI clients in the past from other projects such as RC5. What's the deal, what am I missing? Does this project hate me? lol.

Also, while I'm ranting, what's the deal with 'userID' in the MasterPRPClient.ini. The ini file clearly says UserID, where as the help file says Username. Which is it? How can there be such a discrepancy in the help file vs the the ini file? Makes me wonder what else is incorrect in the hard to understand ini file. It's not clear what projects use CPU and what use GPU and do I split the percentages between the two of them to make 200%, but it says to make sure they add up to 100%, but is that for CPU and GPU, or 100% for CPU and another 100% for GPU? I don't get it. I guess once I get the client to run I can tinker with it, but until then...

Anyway thanks in advance!!
8) Message boards : General discussion : i9 9900k causes noises when running Primegrid (Message 131046)
Posted 1043 days ago by Profile Tornlogic
I have a 9900k too, in a Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Ultra board. Runs fine, quiet as can be. I've had it on a number of projects, but mostly.......

So yea, I have the same exact setup, and I have no high pitch sounds emanating from my rig, just the low hum of a few fans. Maybe it is the motherboard. I don't see how a CPU can possibly generate an audible sound, and I've never heard of that before. I know you have tried a couple mobos already, but sounds like you have also tried a couple CPUs too. It's interesting that the sound changes when you change the speed of the memory, that again leads me to think something with the mobos. VRMs can make sound, try a Gigabyte!! :)
9) Message boards : Generalized Fermat Prime Search : GFN21 GFN22 Scoreboard, post your times/hardware (Message 129125)
Posted 1113 days ago by Profile Tornlogic
Hey everyone. Yea, so this is my machine, and essentially my F up. I attached composite's weak key to that client using the command line method. Worked great, the client began crunching for him.

Once I got an understanding of which tasks composite was sending to my client, I then made a change to my app_config file to configure multithreading for the tasks he was running. Oddly enough when I went to make changes to the app_config file, it simply was gone. I restored a backup of that file, and that's when everything went crazy.

It then detached composite from my client, all tasks got messed up as indicated below, and I'm still scratching my head on what's going to happen with the 8 SoB tasks that the client is processing now for composite. I do not have "No New Tasks" enabled, (double negative, sorry) and it's not getting new tasks. (triple negative!!) In other words, I'm trying to get new tasks for the GPU, but nothing.. It was getting "Do you Feel Lucky" tasks, but quit once I restored the app_config.xml file. My GPU is sitting idle right now, kinda sad. I'm going to let it finish the 8 SoB tasks, and try to fix the problem.

Is there a way to get composite's weak key associated with my client AND get multithreading enabled for his SoB tasks? I just went into BIOS and disabled hyperthreading as a work around, but still not crunching at optimum speeds.

10) Message boards : Number crunching : Badges III (Message 128618)
Posted 1136 days ago by Profile Tornlogic

You could recruit CPUs from other PG participants to give you a hand.

- following which you repay the favour in equal number of credits on your helpers' project(s) of choice.

You've got some nice GPU assets there that can be used in exchange, without putting a huge ding in your time budget.

Better get cracking, 3 weeks is not a lot of time - you need horsepower for 500,000 credits per day, and rising.

Your machines currently generate just under 400,000 credits per day on GCW Sieve. I can put in 2 machines with just under 200,000 credits per day with your weak account key. Together, you should be done in just over 2 weeks. You could repay me with about 3.3 million credits of GFN-21 shortly after.

Wow, I really had no idea this sort of thing existed. I just kinda took what hardware I had and ran with it. You did a great job of explaining it, the only thing I'm unclear on is "weak account key. I'm not sure what that refers to, if it's something I need to fix or otherwise. I game for this deal if you are. I just need to know the details on how to get my machines to work under your account. I assume this has something to do with my weak account key.
Feel free to take this offline, and PM me with details.


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