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1) Message boards : Aggie The Pew message board (Message 67875)
Posted 2542 days ago by Profile jpaul
Our latest owner(s) of a toot alert.

jpaul passed 12,000,000

Looks like jpaul is back with us for a bit :)

Thanks for kudos.

Back in the US again. Just starting to setup a few of the "better" old machines, looking to do a few upgrades when time and money allow. You may see a few machines pop up on projects then disappear as I check to see what is worth running.

Looking forward to the monthly challenges.
2) Message boards : Aggie The Pew message board (Message 59807)
Posted 2782 days ago by Profile jpaul

Must be in fourth place :)

Better be cranking then, :)
3) Message boards : Aggie The Pew message board (Message 55191)
Posted 2957 days ago by Profile jpaul
Never trust automated installers, unless you wrote the batch file for your specific setup. :)

Create as many folders as you need prpnet1, prpnet2 ... prpnet8.

Copy the program files to each individual prpnet1x folders you setup.

I usually copy the single start-up batch file to each individual folder.

Then edit the master_prpclient.ini file to your name, email, servers etc... rename it prpclient.ini and copy it to each individual folder.

You should be ready to go from here, just launch each client for each folder.
4) Message boards : Aggie The Pew message board (Message 52310)
Posted 3020 days ago by Profile jpaul
Sorry guys but I'm down for the count.

We had sever thunderstorms roll through the area yesterday and we took a direct lighting strike on the house. Both 24 port switches and a 8 port switch are fried. Every machine's on board NIC is fried other than this laptop which is on a wireless network. The lighting also took out our phone lines, alarm system and security cameras.

One of the strangest things I have seen is it also fried several keyboards that were connected to the machines. Also a few machines have fried PSU's.

The bottom line is it will take some time and moneys (which is tight atm) to recover. I am hoping that the machines will pass Prime95's stress test and I can just buy usb or pci NIC's to install without having to buy new motherboards and possibly memory sticks.
5) Message boards : Aggie The Pew message board (Message 51980)
Posted 3028 days ago by Profile jpaul
The GPU sieve's only work well if you have a large number of consecutive k's, otherwise the srsieve cpu program is faster.
6) Message boards : Aggie The Pew message board (Message 51800)
Posted 3031 days ago by Profile jpaul
Back in the day, it was a lot of fun competing against DPC on OGR-24 & 25 when I was with Team Beef Roast (Ars Technica). I remember DPC bring the server to it knees several times when Noisy Cows or Cold Fusion dumped their caches from all the proxy servers. It would take the server a day or two to catch up and process the stats!

Anyhow, the cows are good people in my book. Depending on what I have going at the time come April 1st, I may throw a few boxes at docking.
7) Message boards : Aggie The Pew message board (Message 51526)
Posted 3038 days ago by Profile jpaul
I think he is running with ht enabled. With these smaller exponents it may not effect the time to completion as much. I have set my lone 2600k to 6 threads to test the timings.
8) Message boards : Aggie The Pew message board (Message 51500)
Posted 3038 days ago by Profile jpaul

I was giving thought to getting another 570 however. But, just thought :)

I think JPaul can give anyone in the entire PG community a run for their money. And being a betting person, I'd put my money on JP.

Well maybe, but I have not kept up with the upgrades for the last 2 or 3 years due to the economic slowdown. Those quarterly bonuses use to buy a lot of nice shiny new parts, but those days are gone. :(

Seems they loaded a bunch of base 25 exponents on to the server, so a 30% decrease in the run times compared to all those 101, 121 bases we ahve been running.

I'll try to get a few more machines online this evening, if I have time.

And as always, crunch what pleases you when it pleases you.
9) Message boards : Aggie The Pew message board (Message 51476)
Posted 3038 days ago by Profile jpaul
It appears that over night Lennart with Prime Search Team has thrown everything including the kitchen sink into the fray ... putting 1st just out of reach. Even so, we are running a strong 2nd.

It is great to see the team come together to work on a common goal.
10) Message boards : Project Staging Area : 2012 PRPNet March Challenge (Message 51456)
Posted 3039 days ago by Profile jpaul
All servers restarted. There was a DB issue.



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