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1) Message boards : Number crunching : 321 Blast off Challenge (Message 59092)
Posted 3038 days ago by wfl0083
My i5-2500k OC4.5G@1.25V with offset mode. I have used this setting for more than half year,no blue screen no error, every thing is OK.
After join 321 challenge, blue screen with the error number 124 appears every 1-2 hours! Finally I find my boinc setting 'use 100% CPU in 80% time' cause this problem.
In offset mode, 80% time CPU run in 4.5G@1.25v and 20% time 1.6G@0.9*v, the continually replacement of high and low voltage make the cpu unsteady.
So I change the setting 'use 100% CPU in 100% time', every thing become OK again.
Hope this post can help some OCer.
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