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1) Message boards : General discussion : You've found a huge prime, now what ? (Message 143929)
Posted 673 days ago by Profile Screaming97135Eagle
I think if I found big one I would have it engraved on my headstone when I die. They better not get any digits mixed up or I'll come back and haunt them :)

I think they charge by the letter. :)

Good thing that it will a number then. :)
2) Message boards : Problems and Help : Computation Errors (Message 57587)
Posted 3618 days ago by Profile Screaming97135Eagle
Oh ok then my mistake
3) Message boards : Problems and Help : Computation Errors (Message 57582)
Posted 3618 days ago by Profile Screaming97135Eagle
Thank you for the reply.

I thought that it might have something to do with the opencl and the fact that AMD did stop OpenCL support for the 4600 series in their latest drivers.

But I thought that my particular computer would be alright as long as I don't update the drivers as The Collatz Conjecture uses OpenCL.

Which is why I am at a loss to work it out.

I did try an download version 10.2 legacy drivers from AMD but they wouldn't install at all. I am reluctant to uninstall the current drivers, as I can't remember what version they are and I can't seem to find out, but they appear to be working. (I can find the versions of the individual files but not of the overall package of drivers)
4) Message boards : Problems and Help : Computation Errors (Message 57567)
Posted 3619 days ago by Profile Screaming97135Eagle
I have been crunching boinc for a little over a year on a different account however I am new to primegrid.

I attached my computer to primegrid to use the its GPU but the workunits run for about 2 secs and then come up with a computation error. This has happened to every work unit that is sent to this computer.

The computer will happily crunch away at a few other projects including the Collatz Conjecture which also uses the GPU on the computer, so I am fairly certain that the hardware is not faulty.

I have tried to reset the project in Boinc and detach and re-attach the project but the results are the same.

Here is a link to the computer

The actual GPU in the computer is a Radeon 4650HD 1024MB.

There is plenty of hard drive space still available to BOINC.

I am not sure what I am doing wrong.
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