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1) Message boards : Number crunching : The Earth Day Challenge - discussion (Message 22700)
Posted 4670 days ago by Mardur*Project donor
The 'native' population of Germany is actually decreasing for a long time now (number of children per couple is way below 2) and the population only stagnates due to longer life expectancy and immigration. The same is probably true for most of the industrial countries, where children are mostly considered as something which costs a lot of money. This is opposing to the situation in underdeveloped countries, where having many children is the only way to guarantee you get some pension (paid by your children to you, and not by some governmental insurance). So you get high birth rates and/or governmental birth control in countries with little or no social insurances and low birth rates when there are more financial protection systems.

And even if the world population would stagnate, the whole economical system is based on exponential growth as well as the financial system. There is a nice video of a university lecture "arithmetic, population and energy" (just google for "the most important video you'll ever see").

About the energy waste topic:
The governmental payments for not growing food on some fields are also practiced here. And something else related to energy is happening. If you produce your own energy, say with a solar construction on the roof or a wind turbine in your garden, then you have to deliver the overproduction into the public electricity network. You get paid for that electricity. But you get actually paid more money for the produced energy that you consume yourself. The logical consequence is, that you start keeping the lights on all day long to waste all the energy that you don't need yourself. And the electricity companies are happy with that, as they don't have to deal with the uncontrollable electric influx of private houses into their power lines.

The power grid is a big problem of its own. Alot of energy is wasted just by transporting energy from A to B while the energy consumed close to A comes from some power plant much further away. This is due to the fact, that energy is traded at the stock market. The big companies providing energy for private houses (we have 4 of these in Germany) buy energy from anywhere in the european area where it is cheaper at the moment. And this energy then has to be transferred over long distances. This then causes not just energy waste by electrical resistance, but also power blackouts due to system overloads.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : The Earth Day Challenge (Message 22672)
Posted 4671 days ago by Mardur*Project donor
"Stats will be available on the front page next to the clock within 30 minutes after the start."
such that people who finish the first WUs within 30 minutes can see their ranking? ;)
3) Message boards : Number crunching : The Earth Day Challenge - discussion (Message 22671)
Posted 4671 days ago by Mardur*Project donor
And another problem is that you cannot just switch off any of the renewable-power production facilities. Solar/Wind/Water energy is always generated when there is wind/sunlight. Unused energy is wasted. And you cannot really save electrical energy in a battery in an amount to compensate for blackouts (e.g. no solar power at night), neither can one store the electrical energy saved in low consumption times. (btw: the same problem occurs if you think about lightning strikes, its just too much energy to save in short time)

The only large scale energy storage I know of are water reservoirs, where you can pump water up a hill if you have energy spare and drive turbines when you need the energy.

The whole power production industry depends on energy sources which are available anywhere at any time and these are only coal and nuclear sources. In this context, a general approach for energy saving makes sense. But you don't save the environment by switching off your 42" TV screen for a day.
4) Message boards : Number crunching : The Ides of March Challenge (Message 21871)
Posted 4707 days ago by Mardur*Project donor
The project preferences and computer categories (school, ...) work very nice for me. But for the challenge I switch all computers (all 3 of them ;) ) to the main category. About the AP26, maybe you did not uncheck the option to send work for other subprojects, if no work is available?

I am fully 64bit now with 10 cores crunching, but I am still far away from reaching the top100 and no hardware upgrade in sight.

off topic: Are there any plans for AP26 to support ATI GPUs?
5) Message boards : Number crunching : The Year of the Tiger Challenge (Message 21183)
Posted 4733 days ago by Mardur*Project donor
Nice challenge again.

For some stupid reason, one of my computer was set to run boinc only on idle, and although I didn't use the computer at all over the challenge, there was not a single WU computed. Even with this computer running, there is no chance for me to reach the top100.

(Talking about single user teams) I contributed 86% of my teams score, which is very sad as my team claims to have to most powerful computers and thousands of active members. There is actually some kind of "task force" to focus on challenges, but I could not convince them to go for PrimeGrid (they are more focusing on projects with strange names like yoyo and poem). As a mathematician, I have a biased opinion when it comes to the usefulness of computing prime numbers ;)
6) Message boards : Number crunching : The Dog Days of Summer Challenge (Message 17630)
Posted 4913 days ago by Mardur*Project donor
I also notice LLR to perform better on AMD processors.

Opteron 1352 @ 2.1 GHz (linux 64bit): 48h
Intel Q9450 @ 2.66 GHz (winxp 32bit): 45h

both machines running 4 Woodalls at a time. The Opteron processor is faster considering the lower frequency (45h scaled down to 2.1GHz would be 57h, 48h is a speedup by 18%).

I don't know how the i7 performes here.

I hope, that I can finish another 10 WUs till the end of the challenge.

PS: heavy rain in Germany, temperature dropped to 20°C :)
7) Message boards : Number crunching : The Dog Days of Summer Challenge (Message 17564)
Posted 4916 days ago by Mardur*Project donor
Tomorrow its going to be 35°C here in Germany. I will probably turn off my computer, because a room temperature above 40 would be bad for me and my computer.
8) Message boards : Number crunching : The New Moon Challenge (Message 17019)
Posted 4944 days ago by Mardur*Project donor
Your notebooks turned off on power failure? That was a really long break, when the batteries didn't cover it.

Due to the rain last night, its not that hot here (still 29°C room temp).
9) Message boards : Number crunching : PrimeGrid's Birthday/Summer Solstice Challenge (Message 16390)
Posted 4975 days ago by Mardur*Project donor
After uploading the result you still need to commit the result. With long-time WUs only, this might take some time, as the boinc client is only committing automatically when requesting new WUs (unless the deadline is approaching).

Besides, I don't really see whats wrong with this task:

It was successfully reported long before the deadline. The CPU time did not exceed the 3 days limit (in fact another task of the same WU took longer than my task). But still, the task became invalid and a new task was send to someone else. No credits for me.

The computer was not running 24/7, but that's why you have a deadline.
10) Message boards : Number crunching : PrimeGrid's Birthday/Summer Solstice Challenge (Message 16175)
Posted 4985 days ago by Mardur*Project donor
This is a really nice history overview and 0.25 billion cobblestones within 2 months is impressive.
Next to the number of registered users (which just naturally increases), the number of (active) computers would be interesting. Is there a global statistic about the number of active hosts (with credits within the last 30 days)?

I am already LLRing on my Quad core for some time (but PPS LLR due to higher throughput) and I am experiencing a considerably high number of calculation errors. The error message (e.g. says

- Unhandled Exception Record -
Reason: Out Of Memory (C++ Exception) (0xe06d7363) at address 0x7C812AFB

These workunits can hardly run out of memory, as they usually only consume little RAM and I have more than a gigabyte free working memory (and boinc is allowed to use multiple GB).

Apart from that, my computer is running completely stable 24/7 for months.

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