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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Welcome to the Ides of March Challenge (Message 8448)
Posted 4844 days ago by Adam
We can't take anymore captain, we're gonna explode!
2) Message boards : General discussion : Project Level Statistics (Message 8359)
Posted 4854 days ago by Adam
Thanks jmblazek,

Twin prime stats has what I was looking for.
We're getting about 2.7 primes/10,000 wu and if this means what I think it does we are 132485/206262 or 64% through the 333333 range.
3) Message boards : General discussion : Project Level Statistics (Message 8357)
Posted 4855 days ago by Adam
Is there are way to see 'primegrid' level statistics?
To show how primegrid is collectively progressing.

Like for twin primes search
primes found today/this month/this year/total,
tasks run today/this month/this year/total.
Number of twin primes remaining in current range
Percent complete of current twin prime range.
Primes per task percentage for current range.

There are some stats on the top of the main Primegrid page, but these really don't give any feeling for progress, as a whole or for each subproject.
4) Message boards : Twin Prime Search : How to find out which primes you have found? (Message 8350)
Posted 4856 days ago by Adam
Primes found 2 - no email either, both TPS primes.

1 was reported to but if its not in the top 5000, this won't help. Not sure about the second, maybe in a few days it will show up?

Are there any plans to update the account page to list which primes a member has helped find?

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