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1) Message boards : Number crunching : LLR2 installed on all big LLR projects (Message 143371)
Posted 699 days ago by DaveSunProject donor
The Initial (Large) tasks and Double check (small tasks) all show up as 1st. Is/was this expected?
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Better multi-threading (Message 132536)
Posted 1080 days ago by DaveSunProject donor
and now I have Quad cores with no app_config file running a singe prime grid task on all 4 cores and pausing all the other projects. Better multi threading? not so much for me.
3) Message boards : News : New SR5 Mega Prime! (Message 130756)
Posted 1146 days ago by DaveSunProject donor

2 SR5s and DC on both. I guess it isn't bad for old hardware.
4) Message boards : Number crunching : Credit Milestones (Message 117406)
Posted 1579 days ago by DaveSunProject donor
83 Primes
56 DC
5) Message boards : Sophie Germain Prime Search : First Prime (Message 112771)
Posted 1692 days ago by DaveSunProject donor
Completed tasks: 100,540
Credit: 2,292,850.31
Primes found: 13 (8 Primary)
Percentage of tests resulting with a prime: 0.0129
6) Message boards : Number crunching : Badges II (Message 84538)
Posted 2695 days ago by DaveSunProject donor
7) Message boards : Number crunching : Badges - Full Sets! (Message 80587)
Posted 2851 days ago by DaveSunProject donor
Well they are all pink now. Ruby will take some time. Might make it next year sometime? We'll see.
8) Message boards : Number crunching : Badges II (Message 80586)
Posted 2851 days ago by DaveSunProject donor
my last one turned pink today. will take some time to get them all up to Ruby.
9) Message boards : Number crunching : A new machine (Message 73776)
Posted 3096 days ago by DaveSunProject donor

Core i5 4670K
Asus Z87-Plus
G.Skill 2x4GB 2400 MHZ DDR3 ram (Aeries series)
CoolerMaster HAF 912
CM 200 mm fan for the front of the case, moving the 120 mm fan to the side
extra 140 mm filter for the side intake
Noctua NH-U14S cooler + second NF-A15 PWM 140/150 mm fan (interesting fact: the fan the NH-U14S comes with is the same part number, but spins 300 RPM faster than the fan you can buy stand alone. That's intentional.)

Hand me down parts: Corsair CX600 PS, PNY GTX 460 GPU, and a DVD burner. The GTX 460 will shortly be replaced by a GTX 580 (also a hand me down).

I have built this one:
Core i7 4930k (HT off)
Gigabyte X79-UP4
Corsair 4x4GB 1600Mhz DDR3 RAM
my old Noctua NH-U12P cooler with mounting kit @1000U/min, socket 2011
Asus HD7950
Bequiet 480W E9 modular Straight Power

All are kind of silent parts which I need it but have enough power.

Mike. Looks like you have a nice machine there.
rebirther. Looks like a sweet build also.

I built my first monster build in 8 years about 3 weeks ago:
Core i7-3930K
ARCTIC Freezer i30 Extreme cooler
Mushkin Enhanced Redline 4 x 8GB 1866Mhz DDR3
Thermaltake 1200W power supply
NZXT H630 CA-H630F-M1 Matte Black Ultra Tower Silent Case

I really like this case I've added 3 200mm fans for a total of 4 plus the 140mm that comes on the rear. May add more 140's haven't decided yet.

The Titan has been running GFN WR with OpenCL app in 81 hours.
I kept one core free for the Titan.
With HT on I'm running 11 SR5 at 5.5hrs each.
CPU sets happily at 60C in a 30-35C room.
10) Message boards : News : Server Upgraded, GPU/CPU bug fixed (Message 66323)
Posted 3362 days ago by DaveSunProject donor
So if you're not getting tasks and you think you should, please speak up and I'll see what I can do to remedy the problem.

I have 3 systems with 4000 series ATI cards that have not been able to get any PPS Seive. I have reselected the projects for them, 3 different venues, and two have been re-booted as well with no luck.

Could you be a little more specific than "4000 series"? What's the exact model number or numbers, how much ram do they have, and what's the version number of the drivers? I'm assuming you *could* get tasks before, right?

Please give me the host ids of the machines, and leave all three machines trying to download ATI PPS-sieve apps.

To see what's happening, I need to turn on logging that eats up a ton of disk space, so it's important that your computer(s) are actively trying to download tasks.

2 systems have ATI HD4350 with 512MB ram Driver 1.4.900
Host IDs are

1 has ATI HD4650 with 1GB ram Driver 1.4.1664
Host ID

All three were getting tasks fine before.

Following up on my previous reply, the request your computers are sending doesn't have the <available_ram> tag that I see in other requests. That may be the reason the server thinks your GPUs don't have sufficient video memory. It's possible the new server code is looking for this tag, which may only come from newer clients. You're running 6.10.58, which is sort of old. If you wish, you could try upgrading one of the computers to a newer client, but I'm hoping that's not required.

That's interesting since my machine using an NVIDA GTX480 is using the same client and it doesn't seem to have any trouble getting them.
I'll see about upgrading one this weekend and see how it goes.

The Nvidia and ATI processors have very different code in both the boinc server and client, so it's not surprising that this only affects ATI.

What IS surprising is that this isn't working. The server code is clearly written to be backwards compatible with older clients, and if that particular tag is not present it's supposed to use the memory value from a different tag. I'm not yet sure why this isn't working.

I know it's taken me some time to try this.... Just installed BOINC 7.0.28 and now my ATI 4650 is getting work again. Will upgrade my other ATI machines next.

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