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1) Message boards : Number crunching : The Year of The Snake Challenge (Message 61593)
Posted 2765 days ago by Dimond
Well, I've been running this on my laptop because it is all I got. And it is killing me with crazy completion times. ;) I know from previous WU's that it will eventually correct it's self. But, kinda crazy to get one and see a completion time of over 6k hours!!! My first one started with about 6,450 hours and so far has taken 122 hours with now only 277 hours to go! Will be interesting to see how long it actually takes. I was able to pull down two more WU's and they also started with over 6k hours. Probably only going to take about 140 hours.

I guess I'm just doing it so that I know I did participate in the challenge. Would be crazy if I did actually find something while doing it. Talk about bragging rights!

Remember to always crunch safely, and responsibly. Other wise you just become a Crunch Monkey!!!
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Winter Solstice Challenge (Message 60553)
Posted 2790 days ago by Dimond
Wow, I just grabbed my first batch and they all started at 347 hours! Scared me for a min. After two minutes it went down an hour.

Anyone know why this does this? Is it because it assumes at first it will be that long because it doesn't know my spec's on my laptop?
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