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1) Message boards : Storm message board (Message 139710)
Posted 320 days ago by Endead383
Fear has muted us ;)
2) Message boards : Storm message board (Message 132892)
Posted 534 days ago by Endead383
I will do AP search as well, only DC for my but i better than nothing :)


3) Message boards : Storm message board (Message 131511)
Posted 584 days ago by Endead383
Finailly the GFN 13 is here!!

157959668^8192+1 is prime!!
67,163 digits

So happy

Now i have the the little stairs (GFN13,14,15)

and the big(with GFN 16) yet :)
4) Message boards : Generalized Fermat Prime Search : What algorithm is used to find GFN primes? (Message 130424)
Posted 627 days ago by Endead383
What algorithm is used to test GFN primes?

5) Message boards : Storm message board (Message 130403)
Posted 628 days ago by Endead383
I will try to do GFN 21 tasks, what is the best optimitation of my computer to do that?

6) Message boards : Storm message board (Message 130401)
Posted 628 days ago by Endead383
Thanks :)
This is really my first prime :)
I expect more too.
7) Message boards : Storm message board (Message 130278)
Posted 633 days ago by Endead383
app_config for PPS Mega is llrpps? thanks

8) Message boards : Storm message board (Message 130258)
Posted 634 days ago by Endead383
It works in my computer (a simple windows 10)
the rerulsts are pretty bad comparitively jaja

PrimeGrid Task Summary for DESKTOP-AK1F3FT 08 06 2019 23:24:49,29
321 Prime Search: 2
Cullen Prime Search: 0
Extended Sierpinski Problem: 0
Generalized Cullen/Woodall: 0
Prime Sierpinski Problem: 0
Proth Prime Search: 26
Proth Prime Search Extended: 261
Proth Mega Prime Search: 13
Seventeen or Bust: 0
Sierpinski/Riesel Base 5: 2
Sophie Germain Search: 43
The Riesel Problem: 2
Woodall Prime Search: 0
321 Sieve: 20
GCW Sieve: 7
PPS Sieve: 32
GFN-15: 453
GFN-16: 178
GFN-17 Low: 5
GFN-17 Mega: 4
GFN-18: 5
GFN-19: 1
GFN-20: 1
GFN-21: 0
GFN-22: 0
AP27: 5
9) Message boards : Storm message board (Message 130075)
Posted 640 days ago by Endead383
I'm doing a external search of k*3^1383383 +/-1, the ks candidates are already sieved.
It is not necessary a big machine only functional.
If anyone is interesting, tell me in a private message.
Thanks :)
10) Message boards : Storm message board (Message 130046)
Posted 641 days ago by Endead383

And I think you might be onto something with your theory END383. Your prime is almost certainly what brought us together ;) Out of curiosity; have you run GFN-15 on that FX-7500? I ran a few (thousand...) of them on my GT710 last year and they were taking about 9 minutes each, however the R7 is almost twice as powerful, so you might be able to get one GFN-15 task done in about 5 minutes, for ~300 tasks per day. At that rate you'd get a GFN-15 prime on average about once per month (either initial finder or double-checker), which is pretty good for the minimal CPU overhead required. If you do end up running any, let me know please; I'd love to see the runtimes!

i do not think doing GFN 15 soon, the prime and the DC are really of robish(he leave his machine with me), for me is really difficult have good times.

Edit: i make a GFN 15 in about 10~9 minutes

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