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1) Message boards : Storm message board (Message 131613)
Posted 629 days ago by kuta
I'm up for this too, but I'm going on holidays so I'll have to do any setup tomorrow and leave it run as is for two weeks.

Any suggestions on how to do this so I don't get back from holidays and find nothing worked?
2) Message boards : Storm message board (Message 131479)
Posted 635 days ago by kuta

3rd place now :-)
3) Message boards : Storm message board (Message 131187)
Posted 644 days ago by kuta
Okay so, my first challenge, and a bit of a noob mistake I’m sure...

I switched to PPS LLR but obviously did it too early and my computers picked up loads of tasks before the start time - didn’t realise that the tasks had to be issued after the challenge started...

I’ll abort all the backlogs but won’t be able to until tomorrow morning.

Ah well...
4) Message boards : Storm message board (Message 130826)
Posted 660 days ago by kuta
Ha! just noticed Top Computers list :)

Kuta has the highest credit earning box at 5 million a day!

Would be interesting to see our placing if theres another PPS-sieve challenge.


And the team at 4th too :-)
5) Message boards : Storm message board (Message 130712)
Posted 665 days ago by kuta
5th place team! Go us :-)
6) Message boards : Storm message board (Message 130481)
Posted 673 days ago by kuta
<cmdline>-t 5</cmdline> is needed to run 5 llr threads in parallel.
avg_ncpus is only for boinc-client to know how many llr tasks can run in parallel on a CPU.

Thanks for that - I had them the wrong way round...
7) Message boards : Storm message board (Message 130476)
Posted 674 days ago by kuta
Hi all,

Sorry for the absence, but it was holiday time!!!

That app_config definitely isn't working as expected for my setup:

Intel i9 9820X, 10 cores/20 threads:

<cmdline>-t 2</cmdline>

Computing preferences: 50% of CPUs, 100% of CPU time

Two tasks are running showing 10 CPUs but they are taking about 10 days, which couldn't be right??

If I look at task manager, the overall CPU usage is running at about 35%

Any pointers?
8) Message boards : Storm message board (Message 130219)
Posted 685 days ago by kuta
Thanks Rob,

So on my rig with:

2 RTX 2080ti running DYFL (1 GPU + 0.218 CPU each)
3 running SoB tasks, 6 CPU each

Computing preferences:
"Use at most 95% CPUs"
"Use at most 99% of CPU time"

Hyperthreading enabled (as recommended for rigs with GPU?)


<cmdline>-t 3</cmdline>

CPU seems to be running at about 65% in Task Manager

I don't have any entry in app_config.xml for DYFL - should I? I've seen some people running multiple tasks on each GPU...
9) Message boards : Storm message board (Message 130212)
Posted 685 days ago by kuta
Hi guys, I've been away so haven't seen any of this. Before I left, I started running SoB on all my CPUs and they're now about 6 days down, 7 to go. It's obviously made my average drop. I'm running DYFL on my GPUs taking about 23hrs each.

Due to my lack of knowledge about these things, is it worth the wait running SoB or should I just cut my losses and switch back to some other CPU tasks?
10) Message boards : Storm message board (Message 129960)
Posted 694 days ago by kuta
wrt TRP, sorry, I only just noticed this, but I've added TRP now

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