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Message boards : Aggie The Pew message board : Wood of life -story

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Message 83457 - Posted: 20 Feb 2015 | 12:15:02 UTC
Last modified: 20 Feb 2015 | 12:15:27 UTC

His fate is intended cruel life. His seed has fallen between two rocks with very little of the soil, on the bare hillside, not far from its colleagues, which are sheltered from the wind, the rich soil soaring and only the sky is their limit was. Years passed and this little tree is grown, but in accordance with their capabilities. The winds whipped him, tiny veins roots are barely held in the soil, each branch was his gnarled, wrinkled, frozen.No it was his life and he was happy with that life. As much as he tried to grow, expand and see the members of their species, but scarce resources are not allowed to him. He was just the one small ugly tree. But despite the outward form, its interior is sought for something. Looking at the members of their species that aspired to heaven wished to follow their example. And yet he was aware of his limitations. And just because of that battle in it, never threw a single flower. Reflections are dragged on forever: if you throw a flower and give seed, he did not want this seed has the same destiny of what he himself had. He did not wish to provide. On the other hand, he imagined himself, he imagined to his gnarled twigs still be a little nicer if they were decorated with flowers. Perhaps it then and that birds visited, awarded with the singing ... Great battles took place in a small wood, a seemingly peaceful and serene.
In line with their thinking, and the harsh life, knew that a couple of facts. As soon as you think, is ripe for new views, new achievements. The time will come and he will want something. Actually come to the ingenious idea: the act itself, the moment when you wish for something, is just as valuable, if not more so when you go a commonly realized. Because sometimes you can not realize all that you wish for, but it's not and should not prevent it and want. For the morning, beautiful day decided to realize his desire. He decided to flourish, and although he did not know as it works, because it never made it was clear that his time had come. He relaxed and surrendered, he forgot to discipline, thinking, rules, he forgot what must and what not. It is easy to become what he is always. After a while, he was surprised when he realized that he had received a green buds, hints of new branches. And as time has flown, just then, and flower buds are in full glory decorated new, beautiful, green branches. He admired himself, enjoyed his new look, he forgot that he had ever been a bad little tree. Now it has become something else. And that's what he felt at that moment more to him no one could take away. And he has become richer for knowing, for a moment, to show that he can if he wants to do a lot more .... All that is needed, should be left to the wish from the heart. Others, All come later, in itself.
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Message boards : Aggie The Pew message board : Wood of life -story

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